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Exeter Car Auction

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Regular Wednesday Auction Of Cars, MPV's, 4x4's, Motorbikes etc.
Held At Husseys New Auction Centre, Tedburn Road, Whitestone, EX4 2HH.
Bidding Starts At 6.00pm. Viewing Is From 9.00am.
£200 Cash Deposit Required From Those Not Known To The Auctioneers.
Catalogues Available On Site Or Online.
Buyer Registration Required Prior To Sale.

Expected Entries To Include:

Auction To Be Held At Our New Site At Whitestone, Exeter, EX4 2HH

Entries Now Invited!


Direct From A Deceased Estate:

10/10 Volkswagen Polo SE 85 1390cc 5dr (Grey, 14k, 1 Owner)


Direct Private & Trade Entries:

10/10 Hyundai I20 Classic - 1248cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 59k)

07/57 Vauxhall Vectra SRI - 1796cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 124k)

07/56 Volkswagen Passat Sport TDI DSG - 1968cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 122k)

07/56 Ford Sportka SE - 1599cc 3dr Hatchback (Blue, 79k)

07/56 Chrysler 300c CRD Auto - 2987cc 5dr Estate (Black, 243k)

07/07 Volkswagen Urban Fox 55 - 1198cc 3dr Hatchback (Black, 66k)

07/07 Vauxhall Zafira Design CDTI 150 E4 - 1910cc 5dr MPV (Silver, 103k)

07/07 Peugeot 407 SW Sport HDI - 1997cc 5dr Estate (Silver, 127k)

07/07 Mini Cooper D - 1560cc 3dr Hatchback (Red, 65k)

06/56 Kia Carens LE CRDI - 1991cc 5dr MPV (Silver, 84k)

06/56 Ford Focus Zetec Climate - 1798cc 5dr Hatchback (Grey, 83k)

06/56 Fiat Panda Active - 1108cc 5dr Hatchback (Turquoise, 78k)

06/55 Honda Jazz SE - 1339cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 121k)

05/55 Vauxhall Astra Life CDTI 90 - 1248cc 5dr Estate (White, 101k)

2005 Renault Megane  - 1598cc Estate (Blue, 160k)

05/55 Audi A4 S Line Quattro A - 2976cc 2dr Convertible (Grey, 131k)

05/05 Volkswagen Golf TDI SE - 1900cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 0k)

05/05 Vauxhall Astra Club CDTI - 1686cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 152k)

05/05 Seat Ibiza Sport 16V - 1390cc 3dr Hatchback (Grey, 105k)

05/05 Honda Jazz SE - 1339cc 5dr Hatchback (Green, ?k)

05/05 Ford Mondeo Silver - 1798cc 5dr Hatchback (Grey, 108k)

05/05 Alfa Romeo 147 JTD Lusso M-Jet 16V - 1910cc 5dr Hatchback (Black, 70k)

2004 Volvo  - 1997cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 183k)

2004 Mercedes CLK 320 Elegance Auto - 3199cc 2dr Convertible (Blue, 101k)

04/54 Vauxhall Corsa Design 16V Twinport - 1364cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 81k)

04/54 Vauxhall Corsa Design 16V - 1199cc 3dr Hatchback (Silver, 113k)

04/54 Smart Roadster 80 Auto(RHD) - 698cc 2dr Convertible (Black, 42k)

04/54 Renault Scenic Expression DCI 80 - 1461cc 5dr MPV (Red, 73k)

04/54 Ford Focus C-Max Zetec - 1560cc 5dr MPV (Blue, 129k)

04/54 Ford Fiesta Finesse - 1242cc 5dr Hatchback (Blue, 176k)

04/53 Renault Clio Dynamique DCI 65 - 1461cc 3dr Hatchback (Blue, 89k)

04/04 Volvo V70 SE T Auto - 1984cc 5dr Estate (Silver, 183k)

04/04 Renault Scenic Expression DCI 80 - 1461cc MPV (Grey, 74k)

03/53 Renault Megane Scenic Expression - 1390cc 5dr MPV (Blue, 100k)

03/53 Renault Clio Expression 16V Auto - 1390cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 88k)

03/53 Peugeot 406 S - 1997cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 11k)

03/53 Nissan Almera Tino SE - 1769cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 101k)

03/53 Ford Transit 260 SWB TD - 1998cc Van (White, ?k)

03/52 Rover 25 IL 16V - 1396cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 50k)

03/03 Renault Megane Scenic Authen DTI - 1870cc 5dr MPV (Silver, 139k)

03/03 Peugeot 206 XSI - 1587cc 3dr Hatchback (Grey, 88k)

03/03 Peugeot 206 SW XT - 1360cc 5dr Estate (Grey, 157k)

03/03 Jeep Cherokee 2.4 Sport - 2429cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 96k)

03/03 Ford Mondeo LX - 1798cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 106k)

03/03 Ford Ka Collection - 1299cc 3dr Hatchback (Red, 100k)

03/03 Alfa Romeo 147 TS LU  - 1598cc 5dr Hatchback (Blue, 120k)

02/52 Volvo S80 D5 SE Auto - 2401cc 4dr Saloon (Blue, 120k)

02/52 Rover 25 IL 16V - 1396cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 53k)

02/52 Nissan Micra Tempest - 998cc 3dr Hatchback (Blue, 104k)

02/52 Mini Mini One - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback (Blue, 119k)

02/52 Ford Focus Ghia - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback (Green, 129k)

02/52 Audi A4 Sport - 1984cc 4dr Saloon (Silver, 92k)

02/51 Vauxhall Astra SRI 16V - 1796cc 5dr Hatchback (Black, 111k)

02/02 Saab 9-3 SE Turbo Auto - 1985cc 2dr Convertible (Silver, 123k)

02/02 Renault Clio Authentique - 1149cc 3dr Hatchback (Black, 100k)

01/Y Suzuki Wagon R+ GL - 1298cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 86k)

01/Y Renault Clio Grande RN - 1149cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 77k)

01/51 Renault Clio Authentique - 1149cc 5dr Hatchback (Green, 82k)

01/51 Land Rover Freelander V6I ES Auto - 2497cc 5dr Estate (Red, 68k)

2000 Mcc Smart Passion Auto (LHD) - 599cc Saloon (Blue, 75k)

00/X Toyota Rav4 NV VVTI - 1794cc 3dr Estate (Beige, 136k)

00/X Toyota Hiace Powervan GS SWB - 2446cc Van (Blue, 149k)

00/X Nissan Almera E - 1497cc 5dr Hatchback (Grey, 109k)

00/W Mercedes CLK230 Avantgarde Komp A - 2295cc 2dr Coupe (Red, 113k)

00/W Hyundai Amica SI - 999cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 48k)

00/W Honda CR-V ES - 1973cc 5dr Estate (Green, 184k)

99/V Ford Focus LX - 1796cc 5dr Estate (Silver, 144k)

99/V BMW Z3 - 1895cc 2dr Convertible (Green, 97k)

99/V BMW 318 SE Touring - 1895cc 5dr Estate (Silver, 168k)

99/T Volkswagen Golf GTI Turbo - 1800cc 5dr Hatchback (Blue, 116k)

99/T Ford Cougar V6 - 2544cc 3dr Hatchback (Silver, 66k)

97/R Renault Laguna RT - 1998cc 5dr Hatchback (Green, 41k)



Further Entries Invited & Anticipated


All Entries Provisional And Subject To Withdrawal At Any Time.

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