Autumn Online Pony Auction October 2021

Posted in Auction Centre News on October 30th 2021

Autumn Online Pony Auction October 2021


Hussey’s Auctioneers, in association with the Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony, are pleased to be offering ponies for sale through an online auction. Please follow this link to the Friends website and the DHPA for the history of these fantastic and unique Dartmoor Hill ponies. 

Bidding will commence from Friday 5th November and will complete on Thursday 11th November from 12 noon. Registration for the sale will be open from Thurs 28th October, please see details below for how to do this. 

Please note that some of the ponies offered for sale are from herds which have experienced strangles in the last two years. Foals and young ponies will be for sale as young stock are extremely unlikely to carry the strangles virus now they have recovered; older ponies will have had a strangles blood test to assess their suitability for sale.  

All ponies will be presented for sale microchipped and passported. This is not a hidden add on cost; you will only be charged 12% Buyer’s Premium on the hammer price. To reflect the work already being done the minimum bid will be £50. (£ not the traditional guineas) 

Example Total Costs: 

With a hammer price of £50 a pony from a Non-VAT registered home will total £56 including chip and passport 

With a hammer price of £50 a pony from a VAT registered home will total £66 including chip and passport 


To register click this link to the catalogue. You can view the catalogue without registering however in order to bid you will need to register an account. To do this click ‘Get Approved to Bid’ & follow the step-by-step process to set up an account which, in order to verify you are a person, will require credit/debit card details. No money will be taken off your card. 

The Auctioneers will need to approve your registration. You will be required to ring the Auctioneers office on 01392 425481 in office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) where a refundable deposit of £100 will be required. Veterinary and holding/acreage details will also be required. Registrations will need to be made by 4pm Wednesday 10th November. Late registrations will not be accepted. Once the auction launches you can place bids until close of the sale from 12 noon on Thursday 11th November. By signing up to the auction you agree the terms and conditions of sale.  

Once you are approved to bid Crack on and bid like a Goodun and don’t be beaten! 


Once you have been successful with purchasing you will be required to make payment to the Auctioneers (by cash, debit card, bacs) NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHEQUES 

All payments must be made by 12 noon on Friday 12th November 2021 - no exceptions or excuses. 

Buyers who don’t pay by the appointed deadline will lose their deposit. 

Your deposit money will be debited from your purchases, any deposit refunds will be processed the week after the sale (as of Monday 15th) 


Delivery of any items is NOT included; you are to arrange transport at your own cost. 

Collection of ponies will be 12-14th November inclusive. As of Monday 15th November, each uncollected pony will be subject to a £10.00 per day livery fee. 

The majority of ponies will be for collection from Corndonford Farm, Poundsgate, TQ13 7PP, along with a few other select locations - location of each pony is stated on their individual lots. 

If you would like to organize professional transport of your pony to your yard, please contact:  or phone 07734785644. There are aims to have shared transport routes covering most places in England to Glasgow and transport will be allocated as required to try to keep costs as low as possible, as well as journey times as short and comfortable as possible for the ponies. 

You are welcome to arrange your own haulier and vendors will cooperate as much as is reasonable with this; however, the haulier will need to provide full details as to what they are collecting and for whom – if they can’t provide this then no ponies will be loaded. 

If the pony doesn’t already possess a full passport it will travel with a Temporary Identification Document and a full passport in your name will follow within 14 days. Guidelines on best practice on how to introduce your new pony to your yard and herd will also be included.