Urgent Auction Update - November 2020

Posted in Auction Centre News on November 1st 2020

Urgent Auction Update - November 2020

Following the recent government instruction, Husseys Auction Centre will close to the public on Wednesday 4th November at 5.00pm.

Car Auctions:

The car auction scheduled to close on Wednesday 4th November from 2.00pm will be postponed until Friday 4th December at 12 Noon. This date is provisional and of course is subject to any further government restrictions.

Any vendors who wish to withdraw their vehicles from the auction must collect them from the auction site by 4.00pm Wednesday 4th November.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment to collect.

Entries can still be made online here:  Vehicles will be listed and bidable in the normal way while we are closed.  Vehicles not already on site must be delivered to the Auction Centre on Wednesday 2nd December.  Any vehicle not delivered will be withdrawn from the auction.  If you wish to send a photo in the meantime to accompany the listing please email it to entries@husseys.co.uk

Plant Auctions:

The next Online Contractors Plant, Farm & Groundcare Machinery auction is now scheduled for Wednesday 25th November. We will be accepting entries for this sale strictly by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a slot during which you may deliver your item(s) to us.  Please note that the Auction Centre is closed to the public in the meantime.  Viewing will be on the Monday and Tuesday prior to the auction.  This will also be by appointment only.
Appointments: either email Auctioncentre@Husseys.co.uk or call on 07811979504

The following plant auction will be held early in January 2021. Lots will be available to bid on before we close for Christmas and will run throughout the Christmas and New Year period.